Thanks to the experience gained in many Italian cities, through a varied and complex case series, our offer includes, in addition to the operational aspects, consulting interventions that prove particularly useful in interpreting the standard.
The administrative management service of the ICP (Municipal Tax on Advertising) and the authorization to exhibit that we carry out is an operational and consulting service, able to take into account all aspects:
  • the products: signs and advertising media in general, because we produce them. Our experience allows us to manage both our products and those of third parties
  • customer points of sale: because thanks to an inspection or to a real census taken care of by our external operational teams and managed through our Hyper management software, we have the exact photo of the situation. Furthermore, since we are responsible for setting up, we know exactly the products subject to authorization and payment of the tax
  • the payment of the ICP tax and the relative authorizations vary from municipality to municipality. We manage the administrative and tax aspects of over 25,000 points of sale and we can count on an updated database that includes all the Cities of Italy
  • interpretative and consultative aspects: we have 50 years of experience. We are therefore able to draw from a vast series of cases and to propose interpretations of the standard founded and validated by concrete examples
Thanks to this experience, FPE manages to know in advance and optimize the ICP load in the bud for: formats, type of exposure, terms, times and methods. This aspect, properly treated, allows considerable savings in relation to the size of the network.
In case there is a dispute with the Municipality or the contracting company, FPE is able to deal with the problem directly with the competent municipal office or to assist the client in the dispute, often obtaining considerable successes. To one of our clients we have saved, in just one year, � 700,000 on assessments brought back to equity or removed for non-existence.


The operational aspects related to the MTA are managed with Hyper, proprietary software developed by FPE. Hyper simplifies the declination of the tax load according to the parameters to be entered (format, light / opaque, period, etc.), crossing them with the registry that determines the rate, the competence of third parties (ANAS, Province) or of contracting companies.
From here on the system produces the declarations, the payment slips, the bank transfer slips which are sent through certified e-mail to the tax collector. Hyper also offers a schedule that will inform you of the approach of the deadline.
If we take care of the payment of the MTA, with funds received from the customer, Hyper generates an IT flow that automatically returns all the receipts of the payment matched to the card of each individual point of sale.
All this can be easily consulted by customers through dedicated portals that allow, among the various options, even the download of all data. A feature of PMO (Project Management Office) is also available: it allows the programmed interaction for particular projects with the client that can also evaluate the correspondence with predetermined SLAs (Service Level Agreements).
On the operative level it is very important that the back-office management is operated by a company present in the territory, since all the phases of data collection, relationship with the municipalities, verification and much more can be followed locally with a saving of time and costs. This applies even more to the management of authorizations: since the consultancy aspect and an on-site presence are important.
In this case, in addition to an internal staff of about 25 professionals, surveyors and architects, we can count on 60 other local professionals able to follow the progress.
Hyper is a proprietary software developed by FPE to manage all the activities carried out for its customers, through Service Providing or Global Service contracts. The heart of Hyper is an impressive database, which acts as a repository of all data and a document archive. With Hyper all data, information and documents are online. Every customer always has activities under control. Thanks to the web portal made available, with a dedicated interface, each user can access, according to their profile, easily and quickly, to the various areas in the search for information.

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