Hyper: FPE's management software

Hyper was created in 1995. It�s a proprietary management software developed specifically by the technical team of FPE for the management of fittings and deliveries on over 20,000 points of sale. The growing market demand for dedicated fittings and the consequent reduction of the available time have determined the need to reduce as much as possible the time required to manage the preliminary document phase and the operational management of inventory, distribution and actual installation. The analysis of management software on the market in the 90s did not give appreciable results for the rigidity of the systems, unsuitable for the highly personalized service proposed by FPE with success and full customer satisfaction. This is the reason for the Hyper project, a proprietary management software developed on the basis of the analysis of cycles and processes that had made the Fpe operating model appreciated.

A poderous and flexible database

The core of the Hyper system is a powerful database, including data relating to all the municipalities of competence, able to decline the installation file, by type and quantity of each item involved, on each store, on the basis of territorial jurisdiction of each of the 32 peripheral centers housing the fitting structures. The management software Hyper has allowed to reduce the time and reduce the risk of human errors: operations that previously took one week and were at high risk of error, now require only a few hours. Since the core of the Hyper system is the Municipality, the next step was to vertically develop a software for the management and calculation of the MTA, the Municipal Tax of Advertising, which is on a municipal basis. This way the entire production, set-up and arrangement cycle was managed on a single platform, allowing the timely tracing of the process.

Efficiency and transparency, in constant dialogue with the customer

Thanks to the management of Hyper software, FPE was able to face and solve a serious problem afflicting the market: the failure in showing information between the customer and the supplier. This caused late solutions to the problems that could occur and was also a source of waste both for the impossibility of producing and setting up targeted quantities and for the difficulty of finding adequate solutions quickly. fpe wanted to share in the maximum transparency the information that daily reached it from the outskirts, dedicating interactive portals to its customers who could verify the progress of their order, insert requests, have statistical analysis and map every single store.