32 peripheral centers located in Italy, with warehouses capacity of not less than 500 square meters, 180 operators and 150 vehicles operating in the territory guarantee an efficient and perfectly organized set-up service, which the customer can monitor in real time thanks to dedicated web portals.
The exhibition is one of the most delicate phases of the process leading to the conclusion of the supply chain. To ensure maximum performance of our products we have decided to make available to our customers a group of installers distributed throughout the national territory, equipped with tablets to guarantee the immediate updating of information.
To be able to offer a precise and specific service we use a dedicated network that rests on the two main hubs of Milan and Rome branches off then in 32 peripheral centers.
Our peripheral centers are the real operational bases of our set-up teams.
The centers are equipped with all the equipment for loading and unloading, handling, packaging and storage and a warehouse with a surface of not less than 500 square meters that can accommodate the rotation of materials.
To guarantee reliability all the structures of our network are linked by exclusive contracts.

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A tema dedicated to install

The operators present within our facilities have a very broad background of skills ranging from the ability to set up an oil sales point or to the delivery, to the application of technical self-adhesive films, passing through personnel able to set up luminous signs or perform carpentry, plumbing and masonry work properly. Our team that is dedicated to the set-up periodically follows update programs on new set-up methods, on new materials, on safety issues and on software innovations. Many of our customers have a chain of outlets and it becomes complex to be able to coordinate resources to get a clear picture of the flow of goods.
The capillarity of the sales network determines a series of problems in the production and set-up phase:
  • excess or lack in the production of materials for quantities, formats or subjects
  • difficulties in managing taxes due, with the consequence of overpayments or contraventions for irregular payment
To overcome this series of problems, a detailed census of the goods distributed, tracked step by step on the tablets, is carried out by our peripheral structures. This service offers the customer an immediate and timely photograph of the goods flow at each point of sale and allows an adequate planning of the exhibition materials, set-up times and tax load.
Our assessors are prepared to perform surveys and surveys during the census phase; thanks to their work, the capillarity of communication campaigns and the presence on the territory of advertising material can be verified in a timely manner.
The fpe technology allows you to load on our site the store plans identifying the spaces dedicated to communication: thanks to an add-on of our proprietary tool Hyper, you can manage the planning of the subjects knowing at all times what, where and when a specific product is exposed.

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