The logistics service offered by fpe to its customers is accurate and complete. The service is designed for customers who own a national network of points of sale and is combined with tax management, offering unusual synergistic potential for the market.
The logistics service dedicated to our customers stems from the need to distribute advertising material on points of sale located throughout the country. fpe can pivot on a structured and widespread network that allows deliveries throughout the country in a short time. We operate both through traditional carriers, on a dedicated basis, and by exploiting the articulation of our network.
Our "star" system allows us to cover large distances and to reduce costs and time to manage order tracking, which can be managed with the support of our proprietary Hyper software. This "star" structure is based on the availability of a main sorting center located in Milan, and of 32 centers spread over the territory, with a total area of 10,000 square meters.

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A team logistics

Fpe�s logistics is characterized by the presence of a dedicated team, equipped with tablets in direct connection with the Hyper database, which is thus updated in real time. This allows regular deliveries and allows the customer to precisely control what is delivered through the web portal that he / she provides.
Normally, in the case of deliveries with a courier, it happens that the recipient signs with reserve, because the driver does not have time to wait for the verification of the material by the customer.
The fpe team is instead able to deliver on time, communicate exactly what is delivered, recover packages that must be reintroduced in the warehouse and proceed directly to the set-up.
It is frequent that the same sales point is reached in the same week by different operators of marketing or communication: loyalty program prizes, advertising material, varied messaging, house organ and much more.
For a customer of the oil market, through the planning of scheduled deliveries, we managed to break down the steps on the point of sale from 11 to 2 per month. Optimization has had a very significant impact from an economic and management point of view.