Quality, flexibility and punctuality are the characteristics of our service, which stands out for the variety and the high technology of the equipment, combined with an almost artisan know-how, which makes it able to print in various formats on the most different supports.

Installation crew

32 peripheral centers located in Italy, with warehouses capacity of not less than 500 square meters, 180 operators equipped with tablets for receiving and updating data and 150 vehicles operating in the territory guarantee an efficient and perfectly organized installation service, which the client can monitor in real time thanks to dedicated web portals.


We have a suitable system equipped with a central warehouse of 10,000 square meters and a buffer of another 5,000; 32 peripheral hubs for a total of about 10,000 square meters, capable of managing over 200,000 packagings annually for over 120,000 deliveries a year.

Municipal Tx on Advertising management and authorizations

Building on the experience gained in many Italian cities, through a varied and complex case series, the Tax Management provides, in addition to the operational aspects, consulting interventions that prove particularly useful in interpreting the standard.