Quality, flexibility and punctuality are the characteristics of our service, which stands out for the variety and the high technology of the equipment, combined with an almost artisan know-how, which makes it able to print in various formats on the most different supports.


Our production processes have always been characterized by investments in cutting-edge equipment and materials, in professional training for our operators, making us pioneers of new printing methods. This desire for constant growth has enabled us to guarantee to all our customers a quality service, specific and precise. We can boast:
  • a productive layout with the availability of single and multi-function machines that guarantee us to be able to manage a very wide printing flow, managing to also cover the operations before and after the printing of the final product
  • personnel trained to work in multi-technology, department heads constantly updated on RIP (Raster Image Processor) techniques, to always get the best quality
  • control of the whole supply chain: printing, cutting, shaping, milling, electro-welding, eyelet or rolling. All operations are carried out within the same environment in order to constantly monitor, step by step, the entire production process to guarantee the quality of the final product


In fpe, all the technologies offered by the market are present: solvent, UV-solvent, UV-gel, UV, UV LED, toner-gelidified, water base, sublimation printing (direct and transfer), pigment and acid.

The print lights that are available are: 90 cm, 110 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm, 320 cm and 500 cm for roll to roll equipment.
The hybrid equipment, roll to roll and flat bed, have printing lights of 200 and 320 cm.
The flat bed equipment has a print format of 320x220 cm and are all on a fixed top to ensure the highest quality, even the 2 for industrial production.
With its 27 press groups, FPE can guarantee a daily production of just under 20,000 square meters per shift.


Banners in PVC coated polyester frontlit, backlit, blackback, blockout and calendered, TNT, natural fabrics, polyester, anti-crease polyester, Airtex, mesh, canvass
Flags and beach flag in nautical polyester, stamina, pongè
PVC banners frontlit, backlit, blackback, blockout, coupled and darkened cotton, canvass, nautical polyester
Self-supporting display units for counter, showcase and floor in corrugated, microtriple and ondabasse, methacrylate, PVC, Crilex, Forex, aluminum and iron.
Stickers, window stickers, walk-ons, car wrap and pre-spaced in monomeric, polyether, cast, translucent and YupoTako self-adhesive film with tac levels suitable for repositionable, removable, permanent, ultra-permanent use, attach / detach and easy-dot.
Roll-upin polyester, coated polyester, PVC, frontlit, blackback and calendered and polyester lightstop
Panels, plates and totems in Forex, Communication, SmartX, shockproof polystyrene, ABS, methacrylate, aluminum, Dibond, Reboard, Laminil
Indoor posters, exterior and billposting in paper, blueback PVC, polypropylene, adhesive film, YupoTako, backlight
Fine art print on photo paper, cotton paper, backlight and Duratrans