Who we are

50 years of excellence

Founded in 1967 by Carlo Alberto Ferrari, the company has always anticipated market changes and managed to offer its customers a cutting-edge service. "50 years of development and research": this is the definition that can be given to the FPE business which today presents a complete service that goes from printing to logistics without neglecting the management of the MTA (Municipal Tax on Advertising) and the preparation.


The history of our company is combined with the history and evolution of advertising in Italy. Our company has in fact worked in over 50 years from the foundation for the construction, installation and distribution of some of the most famous advertising campaigns and billboards in our country. Over the years our specialization and technological evolution has led us to work with new techniques, machinery and materials, while the relationship with our customers has led us to create opportunities and services that can satisfy even the most complex needs.


The Foundation

fpe was created in 1967 from an idea of Carlo Alberto Ferrari. Already in the post-war period, Carlo Alberto Ferrari operates in Italy in the road sign and outdoor advertising market. In 1967 he decided to found Ferrari Outdoor Advertising to meet the needs of one of his clients, Shell Italia, who wanted to have a single point of contact for external advertising on the network of its stores.


The first investments

At the end of the years, the reproduction of the sketches is still pictorial, but the close relationship with the Shell brand, which has around 10,000 sales points in Italy, allows the newborn to be the first investments in screen printing equipment to guarantee uniform reproduction even on large runs.


A netwoek of installers was set-up

Soon, the need to provide the best service to Shell provokes a first major expansion of FPE activities. Not only large-scale quality printing, but also the preparation of the materials produced in all the Shell outlets, for which FPE has become the only interlocutor for advertising. For this reason, a network of installers is set up that can cover the entire national territory.


The "Volistoria" campaign

In 1969, on the wave of the uproar caused by the landing of the first man on the moon, Shell launched "Volistoria" the first national campaign for the purpose of Loyalty program. The Volterraia campaign involves the creation of a commemorative medal collection, dedicated to celebrate the pioneers of the flight with twenty medals. Fpe is also entrusted by Shell with the procurement and distribution of medals to complete the medal for the entire duration of the campaign. Logistics is thus added to the tasks and skills of FPE.


ICP management service and authorizations

A further change, always dictated by the need to provide the customer with the best service, took place in the seventies, when the Municipal Tax on Advertising (ICP) was introduced. Given the difficulty for customers to manage these administrative burdens, FPE decided to include management within its offer. This created an office within the company, with the task of managing the calculation of the ICP of each individual point of sale, on a municipal basis, and proceed with its liquidation.


The Company passes ti the sons Andrea and Paolo

On the death of Carlo Alberto Ferrari, in 1988, his son Andrea succeeded him, who had already worked in the company for about ten years and, after a while, was joined by his brother Paolo. These are years of consolidation and strong commercial development. fpe is appreciated for its ability to maintain the excellent quality level and for the flexibility of production, which embraces a growing number of raw materials.


One of the largest in Europe

In order to cope with the growing demand of the market, in the mid-nineties, three lines of large-format multi-color silk-screen printing were gradually introduced, making it one of the largest printing companies in Europe. The continuous search for production flexibility and the constant investment in research and development mean that the first equipment belonging to the new digital technology is introduced in the same period. Initially dedicated to small productions, however, the potential is understood as a solution to the growing desire for customization expressed by the market. The process of penetration of digital technology within the productive layout of FPE is progressive and the original technology based on water-based inks is first added to a solvent based and, shortly thereafter, a UV-based, for the first time in Italy.



In 1995 Hyper was created: a proprietary software developed for the management of fittings and deliveries on over 20,000 points of sale. The sales points treated since then grow exponentially, but Hyper has no management limits in terms of numbers.


The first industrial printing line

In 2011, FPE was the first to install an industrial printing line for production capacity in Italy and this is the first step in the industrial reconversion program aimed to the definitive abandonment of analog technology.


The digital conversion

Since 2013, FPE is an entirely digital printing company. The innovation process continues today, to make it even more efficient and competitive, a reference point for printing and advertising in Italy and in Europe.


Artisan of workshop

d'Officina is the business unit that FPE makes available to the market, made up of companies and professionals, to develop new ideas and new applications; d'Officina is a research and development laboratory with 50 years of experience in image and print management in which all the digital printing versions that are available today versions are present. d'Officina is also a production line capable of translating any request into productions that require superior and qualified quality standards.


Economy of culture

In the course of a long professional and manufacturing experience, FPE has used the most modern technologies, often anticipating times through the search for new materials and cutting-edge printing techniques, because enhancing a brand or a communication also means taking care in detail of the final production of material intended for "contact" with the public. In recent years, through d'Officina, fpe in the field of cultural policy has collaborated in events such as BookCity, Milan 2012; Van Gogh Alive, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan 2013; Made in Cloister, Chiostro di Santa Chiara a Formiello, Naples 2016; Pitti Bimbo, Fortezza da Basso, Florence 2016; Impossible Naples Project, Palazzo Arti, Naples 2016; Hokusai, Hiroshige, Utamaro, Palazzo Reale, Milan 2016; Re Evolution, Maxxi, Rome 2016; Giro Giro Tondo, Triennale, Milan 2017; Museo del Senio, Alfonsine (RA) 2017; 100 anni de la Rinascente, Palazzo Reale, Milan 2017; Ettore Sottsass, Triennale, Milan 2017; APRITIMODA, Milan 2017. The aim is to support all those events that are the driving force behind the growth and the affirmation of Made in Italy, but above all to promote the communication and dissemination of these key events at the urban level and at the general public, sharing the extraordinary quality of contents and proposals.

Andrea Ferrari


Paolo Ferrari


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